Pear Tree Dental strives to provide the highest quality family and cosmetic dentistry in a compassionate and relaxed atmosphere. We focus on educating patients regarding their dental options and help them make decisions that will benefit their overall health. We know that dentistry can change how you look and feel. That is why we pride ourselves on being thorough so we can diagnose and treat our patients comprehensively. Whether you need a routine checkup or more advanced procedure, our dental team is committed to providing exceptional dental care.  

We pride ourselves on keeping on the cutting-edge of technology. We are equipped with digital x-rays which emit 90% less ionizing radiation than traditional x-rays. These digital images are also able to be manipulated to enhance the picture, allowing us to better diagnose and treat our patients. 

Our goal is to create an environment that provides the most comfort for our patients while allowing us to provide the best product. Our new, advanced office space and philosophy lets us accommodate the newest and best technologies to better help you.


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Based on your individual treatment plan, a series of custom-made, clear aligners is then created specifically for you. These aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic that won't irritate your cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces often do. Simply wear them throughout the day, and remove them when you eat or to brush and floss your teeth. As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth gently and gradually begin to shift into place. And because they're virtually invisible, most people won't even notice you're wearing them.

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whitening for life

At Pear Tree Dental we offer unique WHITENING FOR LIFE program where you pay a one-time fee and receive custom fitted whitening trays along with top of the line whitening gel to get that perfect smile. 

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Dental Implants are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, and help stop of prevent loss of jaw bone. Implants have become the gold standard of care for replacing missing teeth.

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