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Dentures and partials

Many factors can lead to tooth loss: decay, periodontal (gum) disease, traumatic injury, etc. It is very important to replace missing teeth as not doing so can make chewing difficult, neighboring teeth shift position, and even cause a premature aging appearance to the face. 

A Denture replaces teeth when there are non present in the mouth, and a Partial replaces multiple missing teeth when some teeth are still remaining. Both Denture and Partials are options that can be removed and also require being removed from time to time. 

An Overdenture is a denture with special attachments to Dental Implants already placed in the mouth. This allows the denture to snap into place, allowing far less movement while eating. People who wear Overdentures feel extremely confident both when eating and in social situations - no more worry of moving dentures! Overdentures are considered the standard-of-care when all lower teeth are missing.